Apartment Movers in Dubai

Moving to another home is not the easiest of tasks. So many things need to be done before you can call your new apartment a home. But getting a helping hand from apartment movers in Dubai sorts much of the hassle of shifting to a new home for now. 

Even thinking about moving all the heavy furniture is exhausting. Doing so can cost you your peace for a full day or even multiple days (if you end up with back pain). Instead of taking on this humongous task by yourself, you should hire the best apartment movers. 

It is highly advisable to not hire a moving company without doing your research first. Because the people you hire will be responsible for lifting, loading, and unloading all your valuable belongings. So, hiring a novice company should never be your first choice. Especially when you have more experienced options like DubaiTruckPickup to do the moving for you.

Flat Shifting Services by DubaiTruckPickup

DubaiTruckPickup is a premier flat shifting service that takes care of all the steps of moving a house. Usually, many things are lying around the house for decor which should be handled carefully. Our team of movers and packers carefully pack them in cartons that save you from breakage. 

Besides just packing your things, we help you move all the heavy equipment and furniture. If something needs to be disassembled, we do it for you. You don’t have to spend the moving day struggling with wrenches and screwdrivers. Not when DubaiTruckPickup is here to do it all for you. 

You need a truck to take all your belongings to your new home, right? We have trucks with 1-ton and 3-ton loading capacities waiting for you. Just tell us the day of your move and we will be at your doorstep to load everything. 

We do not just help you pack things up and move to your new flat, we help you settle in. You can get all the help with unpacking, furniture assembling, and furniture placement. By the time we leave, your flat will be ready to invite new neighbors or your old friends.

Comprehensive Apartment Shifting Services

Our apartment shifting services are complete and comprehensive. We have been helping people in Dubai move their homes for 6+ years. We help you plan the move and execute it with the least hassle for you. 

In addition to offering quality services, the prices we offer are very affordable. We do that because we do not believe in making one-time profits from a client. But our goal is to be every customer’s first choice. In the end, our reputation, reviews, and positive word of mouth are the things that bring more customers our way. 

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